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Revolutionizing Healthcare: The Launch of ASAS System by Acess Meditech and Al Etihad Redefines Medical Insurance

Updated: Feb 27

Unlocking the Future of Medical Insurance: Acess Meditech and Al Etihad Launch ASAS System Phase II

In an exciting development for the medical insurance industry, Acess Meditech Pvt. Ltd., a leader in innovative ERP solutions, is thrilled to announce the successful rollout of the second phase of the ASAS system, in strategic partnership with Al Etihad Cooperative Insurance Co, a pioneering force in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s insurance sector.

This collaboration signifies a groundbreaking achievement in our quest to transform the landscape of insurance and financial management through state-of-the-art technology. The deployment of the ASAS system showcases the powerful combination of Acess Meditech's cutting-edge technology and Al Etihad's forward-thinking leadership and operational prowess.

Our heartfelt gratitude extends to the divine support and the unwavering commitment from the Al Etihad Insurance Company, including the esteemed Board of Directors and the visionary CEO, Mr. Hussam Alkannas, FCII, MBA. Their steadfast belief in our vision has illuminated our path throughout this endeavor. The dedication of Al Etihad's IT department, alongside the collective efforts of all involved departments, has been crucial in realizing this ambitious project.

The ASAS system emerges as a landmark in business automation, enhancing transaction speeds and elevating customer service standards, thereby redefining industry benchmarks. It is designed not only to boost Al Etihad Cooperative Insurance Co's operational efficiency and profitability but also to strengthen the foundation of our partnership, promising a sustainable and bright future.

We extend a profound appreciation to the entire Al Etihad Cooperative Insurance Co team, from IT experts to the senior management, for entrusting Acess Meditech with this pivotal project. Your faith and partnership have been instrumental in achieving this milestone swiftly and efficiently.

As we embark on a journey toward a prosperous future, let's celebrate this monumental achievement and the endless possibilities it unfolds for our ongoing collaboration. The ASAS system is merely the beginning. We are committed to delivering more innovations and excellence in the insurance sector, paving the way for a new era.

Together, we are establishing unparalleled standards, tackling challenges head-on, and crafting the future of insurance. Here's to our collective success and the numerous achievements that lie ahead.

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