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Al Etihad Joins Forces with Acess Meditech: A Groundbreaking Partnership to Transform the Insurance Landscape

Updated: Feb 27

A Landmark Achievement in Partnership with Al Etihad Cooperative Insurance Co

Celebrating the Launch of ASAS Insurance & Financial Management System: A Milestone for Al Etihad Cooperative Insurance

We are excited to announce the triumphant introduction of the ASAS Insurance & Financial Management system, incorporating both LIMRA COMPO and LIMRA RETAIL, at Al Etihad Cooperative Insurance Company, a frontrunner in innovation within the Saudi Arabian insurance market.

Acess Meditech Pvt. Ltd. is at the forefront of delivering comprehensive Insurance ERP solutions, and our collaboration with Al Etihad Cooperative Insurance Company has showcased the immense potential of partnership, innovation, and a steadfast commitment to excellence.

The successful deployment of the ASAS system stands as a significant landmark, affirming the superior quality of the LIMRA product suite and the combined dedication of the Al Etihad and Acess Meditech teams. This achievement, realized amid challenging timelines and extensive data migration, highlights the versatility and robustness of our solutions, tailored to meet the evolving demands of the insurance sector.

This milestone is not just a technological leap forward; it underscores our pledge to empower clients with pioneering solutions that enhance operational efficiency, elevate customer service standards, and optimize profitability. The ASAS Insurance & Financial Management system is set to propel Al Etihad Cooperative Insurance Company to new heights of industry leadership, establishing new paradigms for operational prowess and fostering sustainable development.

In celebrating this landmark achievement, we are eager to showcase the prowess of the ASAS system and the extraordinary synergy with Al Etihad Cooperative Insurance Company. Our proven expertise in executing successful implementations positions us as a beacon for other industry stalwarts, keen on transforming their business frameworks and enriching client engagements.

We are optimistic about forging ahead, nurturing ongoing collaborations, and embarking on new ventures, as we navigate a path toward a future where innovation and operational excellence revolutionize the insurance landscape.

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