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Our Products

Access MediTech Pvt Ltd, provides cutting-edge solutions with its Integrated Insurance Management system , aimed at eliminating fraud and safeguarding insurance data integrity. LIMRA and TOSHFA stands as a comprehensive software suite tailored for insurance firms, enabling seamless processing of all transactions related to General and Health Insurance operations. Designed to adhere to indigenous regulatory standards, LIMRA and TOSHFA caters specifically to the Middle East market, ensuring efficient service delivery to customers in the region.

LIMRA stands out as a premier global ERP solution tailored for General Insurers, empowering them to stay agile and responsive amidst evolving market dynamics and emerging business channels, gaining a strategic edge over competitors.

"TOSHFA" is a holistic ERP solution designed for insurers and third-party administrators, encompassing Health Insurance Quotation Engine, policy administration, claims management, hospital network management, analysis, accounting, reinsurance, and comprehensive 360-degree reporting for TPAs, insurers, hospitals, corporations, individuals, brokers, and agents.


Explore AI

Discover our cutting-edge AI solutions tailored for the insurance industry, revolutionizing processes and enhancing efficiency. Unlock advanced capabilities to streamline operations, optimize risk assessment, and personalize customer experiences. With our AI solutions, insurers can stay ahead in a competitive landscape, driving growth and innovation in the digital era.

Explore Smart Acess

Introducing our cutting-edge fintech solutions, redefining finance for the modern era. We unlock opportunities, boost efficiency, and empower businesses for long-term success. As your trusted partner, we offer seamlessly integrated fintech suites tailored to your needs. Prioritizing agility, security, and innovation, we ensure you stay ahead in today's dynamic landscape.

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